Mitsuko Ono

Mitsuko Ono
Are you a native speaker of English? You don’t have to be! I speak plain easy English to be understood. I’m working as a language instructor as well as a guide to help people from various countries. I’m specialized not only in historical sites and beautiful nature but also tea ceremonies and Japanese martial arts such as Kendo.
對應語文 英文
對應地區 Tochigi prefecture/ Gunma prefecture/ Saitama prefecture
資格 翻譯導遊
擅長領域 historical sites/traditional culture(tea ceremony,martial arts)/nature/school
導遊履歷 tours in Nikko and Utsunomiya area / study tours at high schools for teachers / tea ceremonies / study tours of the Japanese martial arts of swordsmanship called kendo / driving schools, etc.
導遊費用 for inquiries: e-mail
付款條件 cash only