Yukari Kawai

Yukari Kawai
Whenever you go to Nikko, you can find something nice and new. I'd like to convey my love for Nikko to you in my guiding.
대응언어 영어
대응지역 Anywhere in Tochigi Prefecture, mainly in Nikko area
자격 통역안내사
전문분야 The history, culture, and arts etc. in Nikko
가이드 이력 About 16 years of guiding experience, 20-30 tours per year, including VIP tours, in and around the Nikko World Heritage Site and Oku-Nikko area
대응할 수 없는 날・기간 available almost any day as of March, 2021
가이드 요금 For 1-4 people, up to 4 hours; 24,000yen.
Overtime charge; 2,000yen per hour
지불조건 By PayPal in advance or in cash on the day of guiding