Izurusan Manganji Temple 出流山満願寺 

Izurusan Manganji Temple was founded in the year 767, approximately 1200 years ago. 

This Shingon Buddhist Sect Chizan School Temple in Tochigi City is dedicated to the Thousand-Hand Kanzeon Bodhisattva. It is known as being a powerful spiritual location surrounded by forests and water with perpetual services offered for the deceased, zen meditation, and waterfall meditation. 

Nestled in nature with towering trees and fresh crisp air, the main temple, Omido, was built in 1368 and was reconstructed in 1764 after the great fire of 1740.
The main temple hall has been designated a Prefectural Cultural Property whereas the Deva gate has been designated a City Cultural Property and the Izuru limestone caverns have been designated as City Natural Monument.

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Basic Information

Address 288,Izuru-machi, Tochigi-shi, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0282-31-1717
Website http://www.idurusan.com/
Business Hours 8:30-17:00
Price [zen meditation] 1000yen
[waterfall meditation] 5000yen
Directions60 minutes from JR Tochigi Station or TOBU Tochigi Station by buses bound for Izuru/Hoshino and get off at the 「Izuru Kanon」