A leisurely cycle in Mooka レンタサイクルで真岡のまちあるき 

Enjoy cycling through the town of Mooka. The “Kubo Kinen Kanko Bunka Koryukan” offers 5 Pedelecs (electrically assisted pedal cycles) to tourists, the hassle-free way of exploring the town’s historic narrow streets! Why not extend your journey as far as Igashira Park, Ninomiya or one of the many other attractions in Mooka? Visit the information desk of the Mooka City Tourist Association at the Kubo Kinen Kanko Bunka Koryukan where you can hire and return your bike. Mooka station and SL Kyuroku-kan are also available for returns only.

Basic Information

Address 1105-1 Aramachi Mooka-shi
Telephone Number 0285-82-2012
Website http://moka-kankou.org/
Business Hours Open 9am – 4pm
Days Closed for Business Closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays, in which case the information desk is closed the next working day)
Price Bike rental fee:
400 yen up to 2 hours, 100 yen for each additional hour (up to 800 yen)
800 yen for a day
DirectionsA 15-minute walk from Mooka station on the Mooka Railway