Calbee Factory Tour カルビー工場見学 

At the Calbee Factory in Utsunomiya, you can watch the manufacturing process of the famous Kappa Ebisen (shrimp flavoured crisps) and breakfast cereals through the factory’s glass windows. The staff also present information on the best ways to enjoy their cereals.

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Basic Information

Address 23-7 Kiyohara-Kogyodanchi Utsunomiya-shi
Telephone Number 028-346-7070 (Please call at 028-346-7070 to book a factory tour.)
Business Hours Factory tours are available Monday through Thursday between 9:30am and 3pm.
*No tours are available on public holidays.
*A tour takes approximately 2 hours.
Days Closed for Business Closed on public holidays, Obon holidays (mid-August) and New Year holidays
*Please note that there are occasional closures for events.
Price Free
DirectionsA 25-minute drive from Utsunomiya station on the JR Tohoku main line (Utsunomiya line)