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World Heritage Sites and Breath-Taking Nature (2-Day Trip)

This is a course that contains history and nature. In addition to two World Heritage shrines and one World Heritage temple in Nikko, you can also fully take in nature such as waterfalls.


1.   Kimono Dressing Experience at Nikko Utakata Kimono Shop

Enjoy dressing up in a vintage-style Kimono and strolling around the world heritage city of Nikko. The Kimono rental fee is 3,000 yen per day including dressing. Dressing takes 10 minutes. Make your day unique and unforgettable in a stylish Kimono! 
Address 918 Nakahatsuishi-machi Nikko
Telephone Number 0288-53-6465
Business Hours Open 10am – 6pm (Please note that there are occasional closures.)
Price Kimono rental fees: 3,000 yen (excluding tax) per day
A wide selection of Kimonos for women, men and children are available.
DirectionsTake the Tobu bus from JR Nikko station or Tobu Nikko station to Chuzenji Onsen and alight at the “Nikko Shisho Mae” stop. The shop is in front of the bus stop.

2.   Nikko Toshogu Shrine

The Shrine where Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, is enshrined

The most renowned shrine of “the Shrines and Temples of Nikko”-a Japan’s leading world heritage, is where Ieyasu Tokugawa, the great Shogun who started the flourishing Edo Period, is enshrined. Most of the shrine complex you see today was rebuilt in 17th century. The shrine contains 55 buildings including 8 national treasures and 34 listed buildings. The highlights are sumptuous carvings lacquered and richly coloured brilliantly, which you will gaze at craftsmanship assembled from all over the country. Do not miss the symbol of peace “Sleeping Cat”, and the “Three Monkeys” with the “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil” poses!
Address 2301 Sannai, Nikko-city, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0288-54-0560
Business Hours 08:00-17:00 (April to October)
08:00-16:00 (November to March)
*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time throughout the year.
Days Closed for Business No closing days
10 mins on foot

3.   Nikko Futarasan-jinja Shrine / Shinkyo Sacred Bridge

Visitors come to be blessed by this shrine’s sacred energy.

This old shrine is a centre of worship located in the Nikko Mountains. Many visitors come to pray for good luck and success in love. The beautiful “Shinkyo”, a vermilion-lacquered wooden bridge belonging to the shrine, welcomes visitors to this world heritage site. The bridge is a popular photo spot and according to legend was constructed from snakes by local deities.
Address 2307 Sannai, Nikko-city, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0288-54-0535
Business Hours 08:00-17:00 (April to October)
09:00-16:00 (November to March)
*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time throughout the year.
Directions13 minutes from JR or Tobu Nikko station by the World Heritage Site loop bus.
3 mins on foot

4.   Nikkozan Rinnoji Temple

A Buddhist temple praying for world peace

This group of Buddhist temples of Sannai includes the biggest wooden structure in the Nikkozan area. The 38 constructions on the premises including the Sanbutsudo Hall with three giant Buddha statues, are designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “Gohan-shiki”, the rice-eating ceremony held at Rinnoji every year on the 2nd of April, is said to bring participants health and fortune. Do not miss the treasure house and the Japanese garden “Shoyoen” nearby. The “Shoyoen” is especially photogenic during the autumn leaves season.
Address 2300 Sannai, Nikko-city, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0288-54-0531
Business Hours 08:00-17:00 (April to October)
08:00-16:00 (November to March)
*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing time throughout the year.
DirectionsHow to get there: By public transport: Take the Tobu bus from JR or Tobu Nikko station for Chuzenji Onsen or Yumoto Onsen, get off at “Shinkyo Bridge” bus stop and walk about 5 minutes.

5.   Nikko Yubamaki Zen

You have to eat the Nikko specialty of yuba (tofu skin) if you come to Nikko. Yuba is made by boiling soy milk and then lifting up the film that forms on the surface. Both your eyes and tongue will enjoy yubamaki in which Tochigi Wagyu beef is wrapped in rice produced in Tochigi Prefecture and then wound with yuba!

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6.   Nikko-style Woodcarving Experience

The Nikko Woodcarving Village Craft Centre offers demonstrations of making Nikko Geta sandals and Nikko-style woodcarving.

Visitors can try their hand at the traditional Nikko-style woodcarving by tracing designs on everyday items such as trays, hand mirrors and small plates. 
Address 2848 Tokorono Nikko
Telephone Number 0288-53-0070 (Nikko Woodcarving Village Craft Centre (Nikko Kibori-no-Sato Kogei Centre))
DirectionsTake the Tobu bus from JR Nikko station or Tobu Nikko station to Kirifuri Kogen and alight at the “Marumi” stop from which the craft centre is a 5-minute walk.

7.   Ryokan (traditional Japanese inn)

You can find accommodations on the websites below.

8.   Kegon Waterfall

97 Metres high, Kegon has been designated one of Japan’s Three Most Beautiful Waterfalls

Kegon Waterfall is the most famous of Nikko’s 48 waterfalls. Water from Lake Chuzenji falls 97 metres straight down to the rocks below creating a dynamic and artistic work of nature. A special lift takes visitors to the basin where the force and roar of the water can be witnessed close up! Impressive in any season, the waterfall looks particularly spectacular when surrounded by the fresh green leaves in May, house martins in June, or the “12 falls” - small streams of the frozen waterfall clad in blue ice - during January and February.
Address Chugushi, Nikko-city, Tochigi
Telephone Number 0288-55-0030
Business Hours 08:00-17:00 (March, April and November)
09:00-16:30 (December to February)
07:30-18:00 (May to September)
07:30-17:00 (October)
Price Adult 550yen Child 330yen (a return ticket for the lift)
DirectionsHow to get there: Take the Tobu bus from JR or Tobu Nikko station for Chuzenji Onsen, get off at “Chuzenji Onsen” bus stop (approx. 40 minutes) and walk about 5 minutes.

9.   British Embassy Villa Memorial Park

Experience 19th century Britain here in Nikko!

After 120 years, the former British Embassy Villa opened its doors to the public as the British Embassy Villa Memorial Park on 1 July 2016. Ernest Satow, a British diplomat who contributed Japan’s Meiji Restoration, built a private villa at the south bank of the Lake Chuzenji in 1896. He loved Oku-Nikko, especially Lake Chuzenji as the area reminded him of the natural landscape of his home country. The villa was used as the British Embassy summer residence until 2008 before being donated to Tochigi prefecture in 2010 to be opened to the general public.

In the early years of the villa, Satow’s friend Isabella Bird stayed here for a month and wrote of the impressive landscape of the villa.

The British Embassy Villa Memorial Park presents exhibitions on British culture and the history of Oku-Nikko as an international summer resort. Visitors can lose themselves in this historic setting while enjoying teatime in the villa (additional charges apply) and Satow’s favourite picturesque view of Lake Chuzenji from the spacious veranda on the upper floor.

Please note that the nearby Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park introduced admission fees from 1 April 2016, to provide better services and information on the nature, history and culture of the international summer resorts.
Address 2482 Chugushi Nikko
Telephone Number 0288-55-0880 (Nikko Natural Science Museum)
Business Hours Opening times during 2018: Open during April to November
Open 9am – 5pm (1 May to 10 November), 9am – 4pm (April and 11 November to 30 November)
Closed on Mondays in April, May and November
Price Admission:
Adults 200 yen, Children (4-15 years old) 100 yen
Combination tickets with Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park:
Adults 300 yen, Children (4-15 years old) 150 yen
DirectionsTake the Tobu bus from JR Nikko station or Tobu Nikko station to Yumoto Onsen or Chuzenji Onsen and alight at the “Chuzenji Onsen” stop. Transfer to the bus for Hangetsusan (a 5-minute ride) to the “Italia, Eikoku Taishikan Besso Kinen Koen Iriguchi” stop and walk 5 minutes.


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