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Onsen & Where to Stay

Tochigi Prefecture is one of the finest Onsen paradises in Japan, having approximately 630 Onsen each with its own source of spring water. The following is a list of selected Onsen among the most popular Onsen-kyo (hot spring towns).

Kinugawa Onsen

Kinugawa Onsen

A popular getaway resort thanks to its easy access from Tokyo.

  • One of the largest Onsen resorts in the Kanto region
  • The Kinugawa River is lined with inns and hotels
  • Its seasonal scenic beauty attracts many visitors from Tokyo
  • Activities in the Kinugawa River, such as river cruises and rafting, are highly recommended

Nasu Onsen

Kinugawa Onsen

The town with a long and rich history in a scent of sulphur

  • Famous for its milky and sulphurous hot spring water
  • “Shikanoyu”, a communal bath with a 1300-year history, is an icon of this Onsen resort and popular with visitors even today

Shiobara Onsen-kyo

Kinugawa Onsen

A relaxing walk along a mountain stream

  • A unique Onsen-kyo with a diversity of thermal spring water promoting a range of qualities and benefits
  • Various nature trails are available following the local mountain streams
  • A famous summer resort known for its refreshing environment

Yunishigawa Onsen

Kinugawa Onsen

Onsen in a mountain village with the legend of samurai

  • Samurai refugees came across this hot spring and settled in the village to heal their wounds
  • Visit magical scenes of illuminated snow huts during the “Yunishigawa Kamakura Festival” every winter