Winter Festivals and Events in Tochigi Prefecture

Festivals and Events Calendar

  • Illumination

  • Ashikaga Flower Park
  • Santa Hills Christmas Illumination
  • Nasu Garden Outlet
  • Domannaka Tanuma Garden Illumination 2016
  • Tobu World Square
  • Nakagawa Aquatic Park Light Acuario 2016-2017
  • Utsunomiya Illumination 2016
  • The 12th Peagent of Light and Sound
  • Snow

  • Yunishigawa Hot Spring Kamaukura Festival
  • Okunikko Yumoto Hot Spring Snow Festival
  • Hunter Mountain Shiobara
  • Mt. Jeans Ski Resort Nasu
  • Event

  • Fujiyama Park
  • Hina Doll Festival Tour


Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga City
From late October to early February closed on December 31

Ashikaga Flower Park was selected as one of the “Dream Destinations for 2014” by CNN in the United States. This is the only Japanese site among the top ten sites in the world. Certified as one of the top illumination spots in the Kanto region under the “Japan Night View Heritage,” the 94,000 m² park space is decorated with more than 3 million light bulbs. Beautiful, glittering light flowers replicate a world of fantasy. During the lighting period, enjoy the illumination that varies by season under three themes.

General Information

Address Ashikaga Town
Contact Ashikaga Flower Park
Phone Number 0284-91-4939
Location Map

Santa Hills Christmas Illumination

Nakagawa Town
Early November to late December every year
Lighting Hours: 17:00 – 19:00

Santa Hills is a multipurpose facility comprised of an auto camp, cottage accommodations, a café, a Christmas miscellaneous goods shop, a gallery and more. Christmas illumination usually starts in November. The center house, café and some of the cottages are decorated with glittering illumination, creating the perfect world of Christmas. Don't miss the attractive seasonal features, including new products available at the Christmas shop, and the seasonal menu at the café.

General Information

Address Nakagawa Town
Contact Santa Hills
Phone Number 0287-96-4622
Location Map

Nasu Garden Outlet

Nasushiobara City
Early November to late February every year
Lighting Hours: 17:00-20:00

“Nasu Garden Outlet” is a resort-style outlet mall designed under the Loco theme. Currently, there are approx. 150 stores, offering fashion clothes, fashion accessories, sports goods, outdoor activities, and food & drink. In addition to outlet shopping, local specialties, locally produced fresh vegetables and fruits are sold at the Loco Market. At the Kids Garden, equipment for children to play is available for free. A dog run is provided for family shoppers who come with their pet dogs. Enjoy your time at Nasu Garden Outlet!

General Information

Address Nasushiobara City
Contact Nasu Garden Outlet
Phone Number 0287-65-4999
Location Map

Domannaka Tanuma Garden Illumination

Sano City
Early November to late February every year
*Illumination may not be lit up due to regular maintenance.
Italian Garden Monument Square in the Roadside Station Domannaka Tanuma
Lighting Hours: From sunset through 24:00

As a winter feature of the Roadside Station “Domannaka Tanuma,” the Italian Garden and other premises are decorated with colorful illumination using over 100,000 LED bulbs. Enjoy the brightly lit garden while relaxing on a bench in the Garden or while eating dinner at the restaurant.
Entertainment with projection mapping, focusing on “the winner of the 2013 Yuru-chara Grand Prix in Japan, ’Sanomaru,’” is also offered.

General Information

Address Italian Garden Monument Square in the Roadside Station Domannaka Tanuma
Contact Roadside Station Domannaka Tanuma
Phone Number 0283-61-0077
Location Map

Illumination in Tobu World Square

Nikko City
In an average year, everyday from early November to early March, and Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays in March
16:30-19:30 (note: this may vary depending on the period/day of the week)

Tobu World Square is an architectural museum, comprised of 102 well-known buildings from 21 countries, including 45 World Heritage Sites, which have been elaborately reproduced on a 1/25 scale. During the season, world-famous structures are lit up with fantastic illumination. You can travel around the resplendent world in one night. Don't miss our “Taipei 101” illumination since October 2015.

General Information

Address Tobu World Square
Contact Comprehensive Reservation Center
Phone Number 0288-77-1055
Location Map

Nakagawa Aquatic Park

Ohtawara City
From late November to late January
Lighting Hours: From opening to closing

During the winter season, the "Light Acuario illumination" is held in the Nakagawa Aquatic Park. At the aquatic park, enjoy a world of fantasy created by light, water and fish, unique to the aquarium.

General Information

Address Event Space at Nakagawa Aquatic Park
Contact Nakagawa Aquatic Park
Phone Number 0287-98-3055
Location Map

Utsunomiya Illumination

Utsunomiya City
In an average year, from the middle of November (release date of Beaujolais Nouveau) to the middle of January
Lighting Hours: 17:00 – 21:00
Orion Square, etc.

Approx. 200,000 LED bulbs light up historical sites in Utsunomiya City such as the Kama River and Futarasan Shrine, a number of shopping malls including Bamba, Orion, Union, and Tobu Bashamichidori, as well as downtown where the main sites are located. Winter nights are lit up with gorgeous illumination for a fantastic view. Around illuminated Kamagawa Fureai Square, the lights and their reflection on the river surface offer visitors twice the fascination.

General Information

Address Orion Square, etc.
Contact Utsunomiya Town Planning Promotion Organization
Phone Number 028-632-8215
Location Map

Peagent of Light and Sound

Tochigi City
Early December to early January every year

For the “Pageant of Light and Sound,” an illumination composed of approx. 80,000 blue and red light bulbs, brightly shining in the winter night sky. This pageant is now an established rite of winter in Ohira, Tochigi City. On weekends, events with citizen participation take place on the Platz Ohira stage. In addition, Tochigi Prefectural Industrial High School displays its "Interactive Illumination" produced by its students, such as a huge monument panel where images start to move when someone approaches.

General Information

Address Around Platz Ohira located at the East Exit of Shin-Ohirashita Station
Contact xecutive Committee of the Pageant of Light and Sound (Industry Promotion Section, Ohira General Branch, Tochigi Municipal Government)
Phone Number 0282-43-9213
Location Map

Oyama Illumination

Oyama City
Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk
Time period:in an average year, from early November to late January
Illumination times: 16:30-0:00
Fujitsu Oyama Plant Winter Illuminations
Time period: during December
Illumination times: 16:30-22:00 approx.

Large-scale “Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk” shopping mall.
With nighttime “Shopping in the Park” as this year’s theme, all of our facilities will be lit up, including the merry-go-round and Water Plaza.
We invite you to join us and enjoy walking through a world of fantasy.
There will also be Christmas illuminations in the front yard of Fujitsu’s Oyama Plant”, which will be open to the public.
* A number of fun-packed events are scheduled for the weekends.

General Information

Contact Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk
Fujitsu Oyama Plant Winter Illuminations

Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk

Fujitsu Oyama Plant Winter Illuminations

Location Map


Yunishigawa Hot Spring Kamaukura Festival

Nikko City
In an average year, from Saturday, late January to Sunday, early March
Lighting Hours: 17:30-21:00

Kamakura Festival (certified as a Japan Night View Heritage) is held at Yunishigawa Hot Spring Resort, a secluded hot spring in Tochigi well-known for its Heike no Ochudo legend. This festival is now a rite of winter. Highlights of the festival include the mini kamakura igloos lit up along the Yunishi River. Candle flames flickering in the darkness create a mesmerizing world of fantasy. In addition, snow lanterns and unique snowmen welcome you throughout the village. You can also enjoy a barbecue in an igloo large enough to accommodate four adults.

General Information

Address Kamaukura Festival
Contact Nikko City Tourism Association
Phone Number 0288-22-1525
Location Map

Okunikko Yumoto Hot Spring Snow Festival

Nikko City
In an average year, from early to the middle of February
Lighting Hours: 17:00-20:00

Okunikko Yumoto Hot Spring Snow Festival is the largest winter event held at the Okunikko Yumoto Hot Spring. A lot of events are planned in the snowy region, including “Yukiakari” certified as a Japan Night View Heritage, where approx. 1,000 mini igloos (approx. 40 cm in height) are lit up with blue and purple candles, and the “All Japan Ice Sculpture Okunikko Competition,” where intricate ice sculptures are exhibited. In addition, big igloos are on display and starlight (watching) tours are organized.

General Information

Address Okunikko Yumoto Hot Spring
Contact Cooperative Association of Okunikko Yumoto Hot Spring Inns (Executive Committee of the Snow Festival)
Phone Number 0288-62-2570
Location Map

Hunter Mountain Shiobara

Nasushiobara City
In an average year, from late November to early April
Note: This is subject to change depending on the weather conditions.
Open Hours: 8:30-16:30 (Weekdays) 8:00-16:30 (Weekends, national holidays, and end of the year & New Year's holidays)
*Closes at 16:00 until the end of January and from April.
Please refer to the website for details
Hunter Mountain Shiobara

“Hunter Mountain Shiobara” is the largest snow resort in the Tokyo cosmopolitan area. This ski resort boasts easy access from the center of the capital in approx. 150 minutes. Skiers, both beginners and experienced, enjoy twelve slopes, including the longest, with 3,000 m run. Pole Bahn, Snow Park and many other attractions await you. At the Kids Park, an exclusive sleigh slope is safe and fun for small children.

General Information

Address Nasushiobara City
Contact Hunter Mountain Shiobara
Phone Number 0287-32-4580
Location Map

Mt. Jeans Ski Resort Nasu

Nasu Town
Mid December to late March every year
Please refer to the website for details

Three-generation of skiers can enjoy Mt. Jeans Ski Resort Nasu, from the beginners’ area, as well as the Kids Park for children to frolic in Mother Nature. For visitors who aren't good at skiing or snowboarding, a variety of amusements are offered, such as sliding down a 600 m slope in a large rubber boat called “Snow Rafting,” and riding a handled sleigh. In addition, Beginners Park and Kinds Park have been drastically renovated this season. Mt. Jeans Ski Resort Nasu is easy to access, approx. 120 minutes from the Tokyo metropolitan area. Enjoy a one-day ski trip. In addition, no need to drive over snowy mountain roads or toll roads.

General Information

Address Nasu Town
Contact Mt. Jeans Ski Resort Nasu
Phone Number 0287-77-2300
Location Map


Fujiyama Park

Kanuma City
Admission free

Fujiyama Park encompasses the entire 213 m high mountain, with a total space of 87,000 m². Located in an urban area, this park is so richly endowed with nature that you can enjoy birdwatching. From the top of the mountain, a panoramic view spreads across the mountains including Mt. Nantai and the inner city of Kanuma. You can even see Tokyo Skytree on a clear day. This park has also gained attention as a “Skytree View Spot.” Enjoy the star-filled night sky and the colorful, shining night view like jewelry.

General Information

Address Fujiyama Park
Contact Tourism & Exchange Section, Economic Division, Kanuma Municipal Government
Phone Number 0289-63-2188
Location Map

Hina Doll Festival Tour

Mashiko Town
Mid February to early March every year

Hina Doll Festival Tour in Mashiko will be held in early spring. A wide variety of hina dolls, including a set of gorgeous dolls displayed on a red-carpeted platform and with hanging ornaments, are displayed in 80 spots, including in city areas, shops, and Western and Japanese restaurants. In addition to traditional-style dolls, ceramic and earthen dolls, as well as unglazed baked dolls, are also uniquely exhibited in Mashiko, a pottery production town. During the festival, the “Stamp Rally for Hina Doll Festival Tour” is organized to provide souvenirs for visitors by lottery.

General Information

Address Mashiko Station - Mashiko Main Street – Jonaizaka – Satoyama-dori – Sayado, etc. in Mashiko Town
Contact Mashiko Tourist Bureau
Phone Number 0285-70-1120
Location Map