Hospitality with the Food of Tochigi

When we talk about the food of Tochigi, do you think of strawberries - for which we are the prefecture with the largest production volume of types such as the 「tochiotome」 and 「skyberry」 in Japan? Or do you think about the gyoza (pan-fried dumplings) of Utsunomiya? Sano ramen?
We have many other delicious foods in addition to these in Tochigi!
We suggest some trips to enjoy such Tochigi foods and experiences here! In addition, we are showcasing the charms of the foods of Tochigi in the manga format!
Furthermore, we have also added local gourmet food walking maps! Please make sure to come and savor the food of Tochigi!


Tochigi Gourmet Foods You Can See in MangaWe are showcasing exquisite gourmet foods that are the pride of Tochigi in manga format!

  • Parent and Child Strawberry Picking Edition
  • Making a Toast with Friends and Local Sake Edition
  • Visiting Factories to Indulge in Cheese Edition
  • Eating Wagyu Beef with the Spirit of Young Girls Edition

Take a look from the first manga story

Tochigi Food Walking MapsThis is convenient. Have your fill of Tochigi!

  • Strawberry of Tochigi
    Strawberry of Tochigi
  • Gelato
  • Japanese-style confectionery
    Japanese-style confectionery
  • Milk of Tochigi
    Milk of Tochigi
  • Sake&Wine
  • Utsunomiya Gyoza
    Utsunomiya Gyoza
  • Sano Ramen
    Sano Ramen
  • Toteyaki
  • Utsunomiya Cocktail
    Utsunomiya Cocktail
  • Fried Potatoes
    Fried Potatoes
  • Local Yakisoba
    Local Yakisoba
  • Daikon Soba<
    Daikon Soba
  • Oyama Udon
    Oyama Udon

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Introduction to travel in Tochigi packed with experiences that allow you to enjoy the local food, history and culture