Autumn Festivals and Events in Tochigi Prefecture

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Offering easy access from central Tokyo, Tochigi Prefecture is full of activities and events taking place in all parts of the prefecture such as autumn leaf viewing, sports competition and festivals.
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  • Mt. Nasu
  • Tengu Kingdom Autumn Festival
  • Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival
  • Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls
  • Mashiko Autumn Pottery Fair
  • Shiobara Onsen Village
  • Kentokuji Temple
  • Chrysanthemum Flower Tournament
  • Bannaji Temple
  • Kimono Day
  • Mt. Ohira

Mt. Nasu (autumn tints)

Nasu Town
Best Time: Late September to early October

Chausu Peak (Chausudake) is the major peak of Mt. Nasu. Rising 1,915 meters above sea level, Chausudake offers beautiful natural scenery from season to season. The autumn landscape with colorful leaves is stunning and is said to be the most beautiful in Nasu. The aerial tramway takes you from the base to the summit of Chausudake. Enjoy a great view from the tram and the panoramic view of autumn leaves from atop the summit. Spend the day enjoying the breathtaking views from along the many trekking trails.

General Information

Address Nasu Town
Contact Nasu Tourism general incorporated Association
Phone Number 0287-76-2619
Location Map

Tengu Kingdom Autumn Festival

Ohtawara City
Period: Late October

The Tengu Kingdom Autumn Festival offers a variety of events held at Nakagawa Aquatic Park. One event is the Shimotsuke YOSAKOI Yoichi Festival where teams from both Tochigi Prefecture and other prefectures come together to dance Yosakoi. Other events include the Ohtawara Gourmet and Specialty Foods Story where restaurants and eateries in Ohtawara offer gourmet and specialty food items, a flea market, and other Ohtawara City PR events. For the finale, about 3,000 fireworks light up the night sky. Enjoy the festival all day long!

General Information

Address Event Venue at Nakagawa Aquatic Park
Contact Yuzukami Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Phone Number 0287-98-2527
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Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival

Kanuma City
Period: Early October

Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival is rich in history, spanning over 400 years, passing down the traditions and refinement of Japan to the present. This large scale festival is held annually for two days. The highlight of the festival is the city of Kanuma brilliantly decorated with the gorgeous floats, described as "Moving Yomeimon Gates" after the famous gate in Nikko, because of their magnificence. The Kurikomi ceremony, where floats parade through the streets towards Imamiya Shrine, is nothing short of spectacular. Another ceremony in Kanuma where festive music is played competitively on the floats facing each other is commonly known as "Buttsuke". Their powerful yet beautiful competitive performance impresses many.

General Information

Address Urban Area of Kanuma City (around Imamiya Shrine)
Contact Kanuma Buttsuke Autumn Festival Executive Committee (in Kanuma City Tourism Promotion Division)
Phone Number 0289-63-2303
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Utsunomiya City
Period: Held in middle to late October

The "JAPAN CUP CYCLE ROAD RACE" to be held in middle to late October, is one of the biggest one-day road races in Asia. Watch the best cyclists in the world perform in Japan at the same level as the Tour de France and Giro d'Italia. The "JAPAN CUP CRITERIUM" to be held in middle to late October, is also a road race featuring top cyclists racing through the city center. Enjoy one-of-a-kind speed & thrill.

General Information

Address Utsunomiya City Forest Park
Central Area of Utsunomiya City
Contact JAPAN CUP CYCLE ROAD RACE Executive Committee Office
Phone Number 028-632-2736

Utsunomiya City Forest Park

Central Area of Utsunomiya City

Location Map

Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls (autumn tints)

Nikko City
Best Time: Mid to late October

Located at an elevation of 1,269 meters above sea level, Lake Chuzenji is the highest located natural lake in Japan. Enjoy vivid autumn colors of the maple, oak and other trees around the lake. The reflection of the surrounding scenery on the water's surface is also breathtaking. Kegon Falls, or Kegon-no-taki, is a large waterfall where waters of Lake Chuzenji cascade down a 97-meter steep cliff and is considered to be one of the top three waterfalls in Japan. The cascading water surrounded by mountains covered with red and yellow leaves is amazing.

General Information

Address Chugushi Shrine, Nikko City
Contact Nikko City Tourist Association
Phone Number 0288-22-1525

Lake Chuzenji

Kegon Falls

Location Map

Mashiko Autumn Pottery Fair

Mashiko Town
Period: Early November

The Mashiko Pottery Fair is held twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. Crowded with mashiko pottery, famous for its rustic texture and soft appearance, items are available at an affordable price. Approx. 50 shops and 500 tents standing side by side participate in this event. You can find a wide variety of mashiko pottery products ranging from traditional to daily use, such as cups, plates and vase as well as pieces of artwork. You can also talk with up-and-coming artists or potters at the various tents.

General Information

Address Throughout Mashiko Town (mainly in Jyonaizaka and Sayado District)
Contact Mashiko Town Tourist Association
Phone Number 0285-70-1120
Location Map

Shiobara Onsen Village (autumn tints)

Nasushiobara City
Best Time: Late October to mid November

Shiobara Onsen Village (Shiobara Onsen-kyo) consists of eleven hot springs- each with a unique atmosphere- which dot the Hoki-gawa river along the valley. An unusual feature of the village is that each hot springs has a different water quality and health benefits. While the Shiobara Valley changes its face from season to season and attracts visitors throughout the year, the autumn scenery with its stunning colors is in a class of its own. Enjoy the beauty of autumn from the promenade and while strolling along the hiking trails.

General Information

Address Shiobara, Nasushiobara City
Contact Shiobara Tourist Association
Phone Number 0287-32-4000
Location Map

Kentokuji Temple (autumn tints)

Nakagawa Town
Best Time: Early to mid November

Kentokuji Temple of the Sotoshu Buddhist sect is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The temple gate has a gabled roof called Chidori-hafu (plover gable), reflecting the architectural style of the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and incorporates the front gate of the Mumo Clan Residence, which was donated to its family temple Kentokuji 400 years ago. The many maple trees on its grounds offer amazing landscapes of brilliant red leaves. The autumn leaves surrounded by the silence of the temple create a distinctive atmosphere found no where else. Moreover, the walking trails which cut through the forest on the mountains behind the temple are called "Therapy Roads".

General Information

Address 114 Bato, Nakagawa Town
Contact Nakagawa Town Tourist Association
Phone Number 0287-92-5757
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Chrysanthemum Flower Tournament

Sano City
Period:Nov. 1-Nov. 23

The Chrysanthemum Flower Tournament co-sponsored by the Koyokai Chrysanthemum Society and Sano City has been continuously held every year since 1929, even through both World Wars. It is one of the most well established flower festivals in Japan, held in November when the chrysanthemum flowers are at their peak. The chrysanthemums at the festival are famous throughout Japan for their quality and splendor. Over 100 chrysanthemums are exhibited every year. Sano-Yakuyoke-Daishi, venue for this event, is also fully decorated with many chrysanthemums in various forms and colors.

General Information

Address Sano-Yakuyoke-Daishi (Sosyuji Temple)
Contact Sano City Tourist Association
Phone Number 0283-21-5111
Location Map

Bannaji Temple (autumn tints)

Ashikaga City
Best Time: Mid to late November

Bannaji Temple of the Ashikaga clan, called "Dainichi-sama" among locals. The main hall was designated as a National Treasure of Japan in 2013. The giant ginkgo tree located on the grounds is estimated to be approx. 600 years old and is a symbol of the temple. Every autumn, its leaves turn golden yellow. In one word, it is simply "beautiful". The yellow gingko leaves overlap the scarlet maple leaves. This place becomes lively and crowded with many tourists in the autumn season. The ginkgo tree has been designated as a natural monument of the Tochigi Prefecture.

General Information

Address 2220 Ietomicho, Ashikaga City
Contact Ashikaga City Tourist Association
Phone Number 0284-43-3000
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Kimono Day

Oyama City
Period: Mid November

Oyama City’s very own traditional “Honba Yuki-tsumugi” industry was officially designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010. With several locations in which to experience Honba Yuki-tsumugi firsthand, the whole city has been bustling of late, and an “Oyama Kimono Day” will be held in the middle of November.
Come along for the chance to try on a Honba Yuki-tsumugi for yourself. As well as photo shoots and the Japanese tea ceremony, there will be a variety of different activities to see and to enjoy.

General Information

Address Oyama Honba Yuki-tsumugi Craft Hall, Oyama Municipal Center for Lifelong Learning, Machi-no-Eki Shikisaikan “Kaiunkan”
Contact Department of Industrial Promotion
Phone Number 0285—22—9397

Oyama Honba Yuki-tsumugi Craft Hall

Oyama Municipal Center for Lifelong Learning

Machi-no-Eki Shikisaikan “Kaiunkan”

Location Map

Mt. Ohira (autumn tints)

Tochigi City
Best Time: Late November

Mt. Ohira is known as one of the top ten beautiful places to visit in the Kanto region. While it is famous for cherry blossoms and hydrangeas, it also provides a brilliant autumn display. From the Kenshindaira viewing spot near the summit, enjoy the autumn red maple leaves and the panoramic view of the Kanto Plain. The view is so breathtaking, it is referred to as the "Matsushima of the land" (Matsushima Bay is one of the three most famous scenic places in Japan.) The name Kenshindaira is taken from the legend of Uesugi Kenshin, a 16th-century warlord, who was impressed by the vastness of landscape.

General Information

Address Hiraicho, Tochigi City
Contact Tochigi City Tourist Association
Phone Number 0282-25-2356
Location Map